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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Major differences between Linspire and Freespire

Kevin Carmony states that in the first beta the Major Features planned for this version: Freespire Beta 1 will be very similar to Linspire 5.0, but with the following high-level differences:
  • There will be two versions available:
  1. A "hybrid" version will include proprietary codecs, drivers and software for an enhanced, "out-of-the-box" user experience.
  2. A 100% open source version.
Other interesting differences is: The Freespire default web browser and email client will be based on Firefox and Thunderbird, respectively, not Mozilla.

New "Freespire" wallpapers, icons, themes and other branding in the OS will be included.

Amarok will replace Lsongs as the default audio media player.

Example media files will be in free software formats such as .ogg instead of .mp3.

Kopete will be replacing GAIM, including new Kopete features, such as chat support, which Linspire has contributed to the Kopete project.

Basic developer tools and packages will be included in the OS by default.

All the betas will be build on Marlin with the old KDE kernel 3.3 and Linux Kernel 2.6.14
But Freespire 1.1 (Skipjack)will be build on KDE 3.5 and
New Kernel 2.6.17! At last!
The interesting part with the Skipjack release is that the upcoming Linspire 6.0 will be build on Skipjack!


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